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Tang’s Living Group, a member of Stan Group, is a vibrant young hospitality group totally committed to providing unparalleled hospitality solutions for property owners, business partners and guests. Established in 2015, the Group offers a range of services from hotel, co-working space, to food and beverage.
The Group embraces distinctive brands, addressing a broad range of hospitality and accommodation needs. The brands are Hotel COZi, Hotel Ease, Hotel Ease Access, Pop Inn and The Wave. Each dedicates to offering a pleasing and contemporary ambience to meet the needs of different customers and guests.

As a leading and rapidly-growing hospitality group in Hong Kong, our mission is to provide innovative solutions and unsurpassed services that maximize the business potential for property owners and business partners, while delivering fulfilling and heart-warming experiences for all our guests. 

Our vision is a world where we are all family. A world where anybody whatever their means or needs, can find comfortable, well-designed and hospitable accommodation, with genuinely welcoming staff and contemporary facilities wherever they go.


Direct Booking Privileges includes:

Free Wi-Fi internet access

Exclusive discount with promo code "DIRECT"