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Tang’s Living Group announced the Group will source only cage-free eggs for all of our hotels and restaurants by 2025.

To build a safer, greener and more sustainable world, Tang’s Living Group continue to uphold our mission in “Creating Shared Value” (CSV) and promote environmental-friendly practices. “We have an ambition to source only cage-free eggs for all the hotels and restaurants under our Group by 2025, and our F&B and Procurement Departments are committed to working collaboratively with NGOs like Lever Foundation to drive the changes needed for social good,” said Frankie So, Deputy Managing Director of Tang’s Living Group.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging, especially for the hospitality sector in Hong Kong, yet we remain committed to ensuring animal welfare in the Group’s supply chain. We will continue to strive for a better and sustainable future together,” Mr So added. Certain amount of the eggs currently purchased in the Group’s operations are already sourced from cage-free farms, and Tang’s Living Group pledges to source only cage-free eggs across all operations by 2025.

“We applaud Tang’s Living Group's long-term commitment to switch to purchasing only cage-free eggs, which will have significant impact on the reduction of animal suffering and food safety risks for consumers,” said Angela Wong, Sustainability Program Manager of Lever Foundation, an NGO that worked with the Group on the issue. “The number of Hong Kong food companies committed to shift to cage-free eggs has increased rapidly in recent few years, and we encourage those who have not yet done so to catch up with this industry-wide shift.” 


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